Abandoned swimming pool in Belgium by Natascha Mattens

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Permanent Constructuion

This is an abandoned contruction site close to Monterrey, Mexico. This is one of many in the area that never get finished.

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Abandoned swimming pool by Natascha Mattens

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Hi. I’m Jones and I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We have a very old State Mental Hospital here called Bryce founded in 1859. It is fading and endangered now. Some portions of the hospital are holding up while other parts are actually falling down. Secondary buildings are much the same. The University of Alabama is encroaching from next door, buying up land and repurposing buildings. With the clearing and retooling it was revealed to most of the town that the main building has second dome that I is absolutely beautiful. So I snuck in to get the close ups of it. I was very quickly escorted out by state police. Not kidding. So enjoy. It has a great wiki page for much more info. First photo of the front is stock. Rest are mine

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Abandoned at the side of the road in eastern Washington.

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Old abandoned mourge found in an abandoned hospital England. 


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Abandoned factory by Natascha Mattens

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Abandoned concrete water slide in Kansas City is an awesome skate ramp.

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Abandoned and overgrown home. Southside, Savannah, Georgia.

Its incredible just how many abandoned homes Savannah has.

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According to a story told to us by a Coker Creek, Tennessee native, a family known as the Lindermans lived here during the 1920s or 1930s. As far as I know, there was a husband and wife that lived in this house. I’m not sure on if they had kids. Anyhow, as the story goes, the man of the house had a best friend(he was a Webb, I believe) who was also his drinking buddy. The two of them were inseparable, as good friends are. One night, however, things began to change. After a night of drinking moonshine, the 2 of them began to squabble over something completely trivial. What it was over has been lost to time. Enraged, both men drew their weapons—one pulled out a .45 and the other, a shotgun. What happened next was nothing short of horrifying.

In a bizarre turn of events, both men pulled the triggers of their guns at the exact same time, killing each other. This took place below the house, where Highway 68 goes through now. The Linderman gentleman’s wife heard the commotion and went outside to investigate. She looked down to see the carnage below and was horrified to find her husband lying dead on the ground. It is said that she had let out this ungodly scream that could be heard for nearly 2 miles. The man’s wife kept screaming until neighbors arrived at the gruesome scene.

It isn’t known how long this house has been abandoned or who had lived there last. It does not have any electrical outlets in it and given that Coker Creek had gotten electricity in 1949, it would be plausible that this house has been empty since at least the 1930s, when this tragedy had taken place.

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We just got sent this very useful link from the-car-lover, thank you!

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uh-ohh-sally asked: Heey there!(: i have been looking for some abandoned place in BC, doesnt matter where but more so in the lower mainland if possible.. no matter what I do I am unable to find any and have been wanting to go take pictures in these sorta places

Since neither of us are from there, we don’t know of any places. Try searching places online like through flickr and forums. Good luck!

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