Undercliff Sanatorium by Ms.Blossom on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Undercliff was opened in 1910 (formerly Meriden Sanatorium) and was the first sanatorium in the US that exclusively treated children for TB. By 1954, all the children would be transferred to Seaside (see my albums) and the facility would be available to adults with other communicable diseases. During this time advances in modern medicine made places like Undercliff obsolete so in the late 1960’s Undercliff went from being a sanatorium to a sanitarium. Undercliff Mental Health Center closed for good in 1976.

This is on state property so Undecliff must be accessed very inconspicuously. As you can imagine, Undercliff is a hot spot for ghost hunters and photographers. It is almost impossible to get inside but I could tell that many people have tried. Some of the buildings are in use so that just up’s your chance of getting caught on the property.