Asylum CK by [AndreasS] on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Really though place and it was impossible to get in. At least we had a really good exercise in how to get past challenging, high razor fences. All the windows and doors on first level was covered with metal plates and anti trespass paint was smeared on the possible climbing points. They had even cut of all roof drain pipes above second floor. So just exterior shots this time…

This abandoned mental asylum in the countryside has been abandoned since 1998 and was built between 1891 - 1895. The hospital was designed to a compact arrow echelon plan. There are six wards on either side of a combined chapel and recreation hall amongst the usual services, and an isolation hospital and infirmary block were added in 1902.

Many believes this asylum CK to be Britain’s most haunted hospital.

On tour with Andre Govia, Rusty Photography, Martin Widlund and Haribohoe.

And it is not a HDR shot for once…

A few more shots here.

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    Asylum CK by [AndreasS] on Flickr.
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