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Abandoned Cabin deep in the woods in the upper part of Michigan. Used a lot in the 80’s for party’s. Since then it has been abandoned. Left with all the things in it from back in the day. Inside of it you can see how badly it has been decaying, yet there is still lockers inside it. Locked shut, preserving what ever is inside of them. 

On the grounds of the abandoned Four Seasons Nursery, Savannah, Georgia. 

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Abandoned School, Madison NJ by Amphicyonidae

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1 week ago on 08/25/14 at 03:00am

The Norwegian summer seems to be long gone.. That’s too bad, as the fjords and valleys looks better in sunshine than in rain. This trip was made to one of Norway’s most famous fjords, where an huge old sanatorium was built in 1902, when tuberculosis was ravaging Europe. The building itself was built 500 meters above the sea. The placement was chosen because of the beneficial climate and the importance of hydro-power. This is also the most expensive building in Norway, right after the opera house in Oslo.

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Jockey statue at the edge of an abandoned homes property line. Georgia.

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Outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee is a resort type area located near Lookout Mountain that’s called Raccoon Mountain. It features a cave, camping area, bike trails, gem panning, and go cart tracks. My family and I visited Raccoon Mountain Caverns today. We were pleasantly surprised by our discovery of this abandoned cable car that was near the building that housed the cave entrance. I don’t know anything about it, other than it’s been sitting there for a long time. The only thing I can figure is that the cable car used to go up the side of Raccoon Mountain to other attractions at some point in time.

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BP Gas Station - Burchell Lake (Abandoned Mining Town) - Ontario, Canada

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 Burchell Lake (Abandoned Mining Town) - Ontario, Canada

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Thought you would like this, It was taken in Glendale Maryland. It was a tuberculosis hospital and this was one of many buildings.

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Abandoned asylum in England

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