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untitled by Svein Nordrum on Flickr.

Play Misty for Me by A.D. Wheeler Photography on Flickr.

Dr.Anna L. by polo86 on Flickr.

_DSC2579_1280 by Paolo Sartorio on Flickr.

State Palace Theater, New Orleans by JuliaWertz on Flickr.

Nursing Home T by jeremy marshall on Flickr.

HDDK by RiddimRyder on Flickr.

Old Barn in Wood by Olof S on Flickr.

US Property by A.D. Wheeler Photography on Flickr.

Downward Spiral House by Aces & Eights Photography on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
House finder Bill from Bill’s Explorations was on a detour from shopping when he found this magnificent house. I’m so thankful that he was willing to share this with us after only one visit. It says a lot about his character! Thanks Bill! And do check out his set of this house and his stream. His shots from here recently had an amazing romp through Explore! Here’s a link to his excellence…

The 4 Amigos by Der_Krampus on Flickr.

Where Did He Go? by Pixelina Photography on Flickr.