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Round About. by Der_Krampus on Flickr.

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Male Wing at Hudson River State Hospital; psychiatric hospital.
Open 1873-2000. 

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Basement exit, Lechworth Psychiatric Hospital NY

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The Norwegian summer seems to be long gone.. That’s too bad, as the fjords and valleys looks better in sunshine than in rain. This trip was made to one of Norway’s most famous fjords, where an huge old sanatorium was built in 1902, when tuberculosis was ravaging Europe. The building itself was built 500 meters above the sea. The placement was chosen because of the beneficial climate and the importance of hydro-power. This is also the most expensive building in Norway, right after the opera house in Oslo.

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Thought you would like this, It was taken in Glendale Maryland. It was a tuberculosis hospital and this was one of many buildings.

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Abandoned asylum in England

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Lost hospital from 1940 that never finished being built source

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston West Virginia

Hi. I’m Jones and I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We have a very old State Mental Hospital here called Bryce founded in 1859. It is fading and endangered now. Some portions of the hospital are holding up while other parts are actually falling down. Secondary buildings are much the same. The University of Alabama is encroaching from next door, buying up land and repurposing buildings. With the clearing and retooling it was revealed to most of the town that the main building has second dome that I is absolutely beautiful. So I snuck in to get the close ups of it. I was very quickly escorted out by state police. Not kidding. So enjoy. It has a great wiki page for much more info. First photo of the front is stock. Rest are mine

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Salvatierra Hospital an abandoned building in La Paz, México. The legend says that you can hear the nurses and children crying at night. source

Abandoned asylum and chapel in Merritt Island, Florida