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Old abandoned mourge found in an abandoned hospital England.

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Abandoned hospital in a city once known for coal minig. Today there’s no mine working and the city has a lot of abandoned constructions almost in ruin like that. 

This is in Lota, in the Biobío region, Chile.

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Disused Mortuary in Lunatic Asylum 1800s Australia

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Abandoned asylum, north wales, united kingdom

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center
Adam G Maggs

Abandoned asylum in north wales united kingdom

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The Coker Creek Sanitarium is, or rather, was a TB hospital situated some 4 miles above civilization in the mountains of the Cherokee National Forest in East Tennessee. While the hospital itself had never actually opened, there are stories that I have personally heard of people being treated for different ailments in this building by an eccentric local physician, William A. “Doc” Rogers. The building was abandoned sometime during the early 1950s and was never used for any sort of purpose again, perhaps due to its isolation and poor upkeep of the road leading to it. 

According to stories told to me by Coker Creek natives, the hospital itself was massive, standing at 60 feet at its highest spot(pictured here). The balcony offered an impressive view of the valley below, which included the towns of Coker Creek and Tellico Plains, respectively. The hospital was so precariously built that the balcony literally stood over thin air, which you can see past the second tree.

Preventorium in Aguas de Busot, (Alicante), Spain

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Pictured here is the remains of one of the most mysterious abandoned locations in Monroe County, Tennessee—the Coker Creek Sanitarium. This enormous ruin sits on top of an isolated mountain some 4 miles above civilization in the small mountain community of Coker Creek.

According to what I’ve recently been told, this location was part of an extremely ambitious project that had been planned out by an eccentric local physician named William A. “Doc” Rogers sometime during the 1940s. Doc was well known for his projects, which often resulted in failure. His TB hospital was no exception. A Coker Creek woman recently messaged me and informed me that her parents actually helped Doc to build his hospital. She recalled as a young child walking through this building and seeing numerous hospital beds, wheelchairs, and other medical supplies. She spoke of seeing wheelchair ramps and even a nurse’s station, which lies in ruins a short distance away from the main hospital. There were even plans of building a major road that would’ve connected Coker Creek and Tellico Plains to the hospital. A helipad was also being built further up the mountain. For whatever reason, Doc suddenly abandoned his project and moved back to Tellico Plains during the 1950s, leaving behind the TB hospital that he had built. It burnt down sometime during the 1980s when an arsonist set fire to it.

Letchworth Village

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WIllow Court, Tasmania, Australia

Abandoned asylum.

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